Lodge Date Time
Catskill #1341 Saturday, Sep 17 3pm
Red Hook Rhinebeck #2022 Sunday, Oct 02 3pm
Troy #141 Sunday, Oct 09 3pm
Brunswick #2556 Sunday, Oct 16 3pm
Hudson #787 Saturday, Oct 22 3pm
Saugerties #2574 Saturday, Oct 29 3pm
Kinderhook #2530 Sunday, Nov 06 3pm
Rensselaer #2073 Saturday, Nov 12 3pm

As mentioned in the ER's August message, there have been some changes in the front entrance hall of the Lodge. The photos of all the past ER's that were previously hanging on the walls leading down to the Lodge room, have been reprinted in a smaller format and are now displayed on the right hand wall as you enter the front door. Also on the right hand wall, just inside the front door, is a photograph of all the Lodge officers and directors.

Meanwhile, a space has been cleared in the trophy cabinet on the left wall for the homecoming photo of our Past State President, Jerry Shook.

Please take a moment to view these photos the next time you enter the Lodge.



Our Lodge is proud to announce the winners of the Most Valued Scholar Contest. The competent and capable committee, consisting of Sally, Jeanne, Sharon and John, evaluated the applications. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to send the winning applications of Alexander Mangione-Smith, Nolan White and Lexie Lill  (Ichabod Crane); Kalee Henning (New Lebanon), and Cassandra Pearson (Chatham) for further evaluation. Good luck to all our winners!

Winners from the state will receive between $1000 and $12,500 per year, for all four years of college. Since New York contributes a significant amount to the Elks National Foundation, New York State has been allotted 24 of these awards. The Elks National Foundation pays a total of $2,440,000 for this program. What better use for our donations? 

The Hudson Valley Blue Star Mothers is a group of women actively working out of the VFW in Hudson.  Their main function is to raise money and receive donations of the items listed below and assemble packages to be sent to military personnel on active duty out of this country. 

Hard Candy Hand Sanitizer Snack Food
Dental Floss Nail Files Gum
Dry Soup Plastic Baggies Nuts
Beef Jerky Feminine Products Tea
Pop-Tarts Stationery / Envelopes Razors
Canned Fruit Books (crossword, Sudoku,...) Lip Balm
Tuna Kits Twizzlers Tylenol
Coffee Toothbrushes Band-Aids
Deodorant Toothpaste Socks
Q-Tips Granola Bars Pens


There is a box in the lounge for any items you can donate.

If you have a family member currently serving in this capacity, please send their name and address to Kinderhook Elks or contact Tom Miglio at 392-8560.